Lidded Museum Storage Boxes

ISO 16245 for sustainable storage

Base and lid boxes for museums. Boxes are produced either by die cutting machine or by hand stitching.

Die cut boxes are delivered disassembled, stitched boxes - assembled. In bigger stitched boxes we use calico fabric to protect seams and corners. 

The thickness of cardboard (ISO 16245) is 1,4-2,2 mm.

File Storage Boxes

ISO 16245 for sustainable archiving

A4 button/string 2,5 cm
A4 button/string 4 cm
A4 button/string 6 cm
A4 button/string 8 cm
A4 button/string 10 cm
A4 button/string 12 cm

A4 string/string 2,5 cm
A4 string/string 4 cm
A4 string/string 6 cm
A4 string/string 8 cm
A4 string/string 10 cm
A4 string/string 12 cm

Foil button/string2,5 cm
Foil button/string 4 cm
Foil button/string 6 cm
Foil button/string 8 cm
Foil button/string 10 cm
Foil button/string 12 cm

Foil string/string 2,5 cm
Foil string/string 4 cm
Foil string/string 6 cm
Foil string/string 8 cm
Foil string/string 10 cm
Foil string/string 12 cm