Lidded Museum Storage Boxes

ISO 16245 for sustainable storage

Base and lid boxes for museums. Boxes are produced either by die cutting machine or by hand stitching.

Die cut boxes are delivered disassembled, stitched boxes - assembled. In bigger stitched boxes we use calico fabric to protect seams and corners. 

The thickness of cardboard (ISO 16245) is 1,4-2,2 mm.

Sizes ready to be produced

Boxes are delivered disassembled:

SHORT TROUSERS STORAGE BOX 800x500x60/50mm disassembled
SHIRT STORAGE BOX DOUBLE 600x500x120/50mm disassembled
SHIRT STORAGE BOX 600x500x60/50mm disassembled
BOOT STORAGE BOX 500x300x150/50mm disassembled
FLAT CUBIC BOX 600x600x100/50mm disassembled
SHOE STORAGE BOX 300x200x160/50mm disassembled

BOX 600x300x150/50mm disassembled
LONG PULL-OUTBOX 600x300x60/50 mm disassembled
NARROW SMALL BOX 300x120x100/50 mm disassembled
LOW CUBIC BOX 300x300x150/50 disassembled
PULL-OUT BOX 400x300x60/50 mm disassembled
LOW SHOE STORAGE BOX 300x200x100/50mm disassembled

Additionally, we are ready to produce various-sized boxes based on customer's needs. In bigger stitched boxes we use calico fabric to protect seams and corners and deliver them assembled.

Box made for Craft Museum of Finland

Lidded box 1450 x 980 x 140/70

Museum storage boxes at Finnish National Museum

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